Abeko Dredging & Marine Contractors

Abeko Dredging & Marine Contractors is a young and dynamic company geared towards the national and international market, particularly for small and medium-sized dredging- and marine-related projects. Our diverse and multi-functional fleet and related equipment can be put to use in a wide variety of situations, and we are able to offer our clients a total package from tender to final delivery. With our ‘hands-on’ approach, vast experience and expert staff, we have proved ourselves time and again to be the right partner for dredging harbours, landings and trenches, as well as for placing stone and concrete elements in breakwater constructions. With the arrival of our new trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Contender’, we are able to carry out capital and maintenance dredging work on harbours and waterways simultaneously, as well as land reclamation and sand delivery.

We can unload dry sand destined for Ground and Road Construction on our 230-meter long quay. We also have various classification installations which enable us to offer a wide range of sand types.

Our core activities consist of:

  • Capital and maintenance dredging works on harbours and waterways
  • Sand dredging for the purposes of (new) harbour areas and islands
  • Sand dredging for the purposes of beach and foreshore replenishment
  • Dredging of trenches and landings for cables and pipes
  • Profiling and positioning of crushed stone for wind turbine farms
  • Locating stone and concrete elements in breakwaters and shore protection
  • Extraction of (embankment) sand for road construction and the concrete industry