About us

We are successful, not only because of the depth and breadth of technical expertise which we have acquired over the years, but also because our employees bring to their work great passion and enthusiasm, whereby creativity in seeking the best solution each day is our most important motivation. However, we also ensure that we keep both feet firmly on the ground., and we are professional yet at the same time informal. Communication is the key word since, in our opinion, this forms a stable basis for a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Because the duration of large industrial projects (dredging and demolition) almost always involves lengthy periods, we aspire above all to achieve the most functional and economic result for our clients, which involves using powerful machines in a smart way. Even more, we strive to use the correct equipment for the work, which we convert in our own unique way, so that the individual challenges which face each client can be overcome smoothly.