Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour Project, UK

July 2007 – August 2011

Great Yarmouth has long been an important offshore harbour. The development and implementation of the Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour Project was of fundamental importance in maintaining the commercial development of the town. The new harbour is designed for ships longer than 200 meters with a draught of up to 10 meters.

A large part of the work was the placing of more than 850,000 tons of crushed stone which was carried from Norway. The stone was used to construct the 1,400 meter long breakwaters which surround and protect the new harbour.

ABEKO began the work by placing the stone dry using lorries and hydraulic cranes.

The placing of the stone under water was then taken over by Abeko Server 3; its hydraulic crane mounted on a pontoon with spud poles, especially set up for the purpose, finished the breakwaters up to the jetties.