Terminal area Abeko operational

The brand new handling and storage area of Abeko, located at the Kanaalweg in Beverwijk went on the 30thof July for the first time into use.

In May, asphalting works of the quay area, which covers an area of about 11,000m2, commenced. After asphalting of the wharf area, one has worked the last period intensively to allow the are to be operational. in the coming months, the area will further be completed in order to be fully operational early at the end of this year.

The new quay area will be used  for the storage an handling of sand, gravel, rock,scrap, wood, coal, etc.

On the first day that the site became operational, the trailing suction hopper dredger „Contender“ moored alongside the 230m long quay to unload approximately 2,000m3 of sand. The sand was discharged using a hydraulic excavator on tracks, supported by a conveyor belt standing on the quay.