About Abeko

"The search for your best solution is our main motivation”


Based in Beverwijk, The Netherlands, and internationally active, ABEKO distinguishes itself through a solution-oriented and cost-efficient approach, with a practical working method.

ABEKO has various multi-purpose pontoons and specialized equipment available, varying in weight from 30 to 300 tons. Currently, ABEKO employs 130 people, and during peak times, this number increases. Our employees work worldwide onboard our multipurpose vessels to support marine and dredging works, and on various equipment to support large-scale coastal construction projects.

“Deskundige begeleiding en hoogwaardige advisering maken standaard deel uit van onze service”

We’re down to earth, and proud of our depth of expertise. These are the cornerstones of ABEKO’s success. Thanks to our modern fleet and skilled engineers, ABEKO is a service provider in the marine, dredging, earthmoving and demolition industry. Strengthened by our breadth of internal design possibilities, we ensure we offer you a complete solution.

Our approach

A deal is a deal

That is our strength. Even if the challenge turns out to be more complicated than expected. ABEKO is well-organized, with a transparent working method and an honest, reliable team. We keep the lines short and do not hide behind procedures and intermediaries. We are convinced that this set-up works best for everyone. In any case, it has secured us a great track record since 1972.

“Our working method is transparent, and our people are open”

These are the key words for ABEKO employees. Whether they work as an operator or engineer on location, or as a receptionist in the office, they are all specialists with both feet on the ground.