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Our trusted and expert team use their best endeavors to find a suitable and favorable solution for every project.

As a professional service provider with over 45 year’s experience, ABEKO is reliable and strives to be flexible.

Onze werkwijze

De eerste vraag die wij ons stellen is hoe we uw opdracht veilig, verantwoord en kostenefficiënt kunnen uitvoeren. We ontrafelen complexe opgaven tot overzichtelijke deelprojecten. Deskundige begeleiding en hoogwaardige advisering maken standaard deel uit van onze service. Voor al onze werkzaamheden beschikken we over modern materieel gekoppeld aan de laatste software applicaties.

Bulkhandeling Services

ABEKO has extensive experience in unloading and transferring raw materials from ships in Amsterdam, Velsen- Noord and Beverwijk, The Netherlands. At our 230-meter-long, ISPS certified quay, ships of different sizes carrying a diversity of cargo can be loaded/ unloaded using our equipment. From the underlying quay area, there is a good connection to the hinterland.


ABEKO has the capacity to support dredging and maritime projects in the most challenging environments. The unpredictability of circumstances poses additional challenges for our workforce, but ABEKO has a strong focus on health and safety. All staff and management are trained in high occupational health and safety standards.

Material and fleet

ABEKO has a modern and varied fleet of dredging and earthmoving equipment. You are at the right place for advice or equipment rental, including excavators, multipurpose pontoons and conveyor belts. We use our equipment in an innovative way to meet your needs and offer economical and efficient solutions.

Grond & sloop werkzaamheden

We support, with our equipment, the demolition of buildings, factories, bridges and lock complexes.